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A unique training platform for AWS, Azure and GCP Training

FREE Training

Enjoy a large list of FREE courses curated from the web. We also host high quality custom made training content for AWS, GCP and Azure.

Skills assessment

Try out our skills assessment for FREE. All questions guaranteed to be the same quality of the certification exams.


Pass skills assessments and earn real cloud credits for AWS, GCP and Azure.


Neocloud™ is the world's first hub dedicated to AWS, GCP and Azure Cloud Certifications

Course Reviews

We publish course reviews so that you can choose the right course for Cloud professional certifications from aCloud Guru, Linux Academy, Udemy, Pluralsight and Coursera.

Certification Challenges

Professional-level certifications need practice. We host Kahoot Quiz Challenges with practice questions and enhance the learning effectiveness in a gaming environment.

Linkedin Skills Badges

Our Skills assessments for AWS, Azure and GCP can assist you to earn LinkedIn skills badges and stand out from hundreds of job applicants for your next career move.
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Connect your AWS, GCP and Azure accounts and store cloud credits on our Virtual Card

Virutal Cloudcredits

Virtual Card to store cloud credits for AWS, GCP and Azure. It is easy to load credits using Cloudcredits Card

Multi-Cloud Credits

Manage Top 3 Cloud Credits from a single interface and load the credits to accounts easily. No more waiting for credits applied to the cloud account.

Cloud Partnerships

We work closely with Amazon, Microsoft and Google to make the credit process faster and seamless so that you can focus on building applications on cloud.

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